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Baby K'tan ~ 35% off ~ Large & XLarge only - Itsy Bitsy Necessities

Baby K'tan ~ 35% off ~ Large & XLarge only



Each person is shaped differently, and like clothing, some people may fit into more than one size or fall in-between sizes on the above sizing chart. The following additional sizing tips should be used as a guide to assist you in ordering the optimal size.

    • If in-between sizes or unsure of sizing, SIZE DOWN.
    • If you are petite - 5’2" or under - SIZE DOWN.
    • Use pre-pregnancy size to determine carrier size.
    • The size of the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is not based upon your child’s age or weight. The cross-stretch of the cotton knit fabric and the different carrying positions enables the carrier to grow with your child. Accordingly, you should not require a larger size as your child grows and develops from a baby to a toddler (up to 35 lbs).

The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is made entirely of 100% natural cotton knit fabric. The Carrier should fit snugly and securely on you and your child. For optimal fit, wash and tumble dry - this enables the carrier to conform more snugly to your body. If you are new to baby wearing, you may think the Carrier is too small, however, a snug fit is optimal for securely carrying your child and for good back support. The cotton knit fabric enables the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier to stretch slightly to conform to you and your child.